Kids’ Observations

I’ve always enjoyed school commutes with our kids for a nice time for conversation and hanging out with kids. Fresh air, somewhat purposeful walks… a nice setting to talk.

A sabbatical with its (even more) flexibel schedule makes a lot of that possible and so far the girls haven’t asked us not to come along to school or to pick them up.

Add my joy in hearing about the girls’ experiences with school but also observations about Berlin and German life, and the school commute is very nice time spent together.

Corner Banks

As an example, Ingm noted one morning that bank branches always seem to be in corner offices. Pretty interesting.

This may be particularly the case in our downtown neighbourhood and we’re not planning a census to confirm this observation empirically.


Why might this be? My guess is that banks look for some spaciousness in their branches to accomodate cashiers, cash machines, and consulting working spaces and that that amount of space is either more available on corners, or more attractive than adding several storefronts together in the middle of a block.


Coming to think of it, there are many banks on corners in Vancouver as well. Same reason, i.e. space?


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