Riding to the end of the Line: Erkner

Okay, I’ve gone back out on the end-of-the-line trail or, well, train.

This time, TD joined me and we headed to Erkner on the S3.

The line is not unfamiliar as Köpenick is one of the stops, home to FC Union’s Stadion an der Alten Försterei.

And, to be honest, we didn’t quite make it out to Erkner. I was feeling cheap and the last stop on the S3, namely Erkner, is the first stop outside of Berlin, proper. That means we’d have to purchase extra train tickets as our monthly pass “only” covers the city territory, and for a single stop I thought that was excessive.

So, we got off at Wilhelmshagen.

Soon, past Köpenick (famous for the Carl Zuckmayer play, “The Captain from Köpenick”), the train enters real forests. The distances between stations increase, and some of the parts of the forrest look very märkisch, as they are dotted with the local firs that dominate in this sandy soil.

Some of the place names suggest an imperial history (Friedrichshagen, then Wilhelmshagen), but that is likely more due to dates of construction than any imperialist ideology.

Then, we arrive at the last Berlin stop, Wilhelmshagen.


It was pretty funny to see that the exit to the right actually lead straight onto forrest paths, thus literally into the woods.

We walked around the town a little and it was very pleasant. It seemed like a bit of a sleepy suburb, but has some villas that look pretty grand, maybe a pre-war history. There were also a number of very interesting residential buildings and lots of streets that had either no sidewalks or sidewalks that required surfing the ripples in the pavement created by tree roots.


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