Groundhopping VI

So, I jumped past 100 posts on this blog and suddenly I was out of breath? Or, out of topics? No, not really, but with the Berlin summer term in full swing again and teaching a class at FU and a class at HU, I just haven’t been posting…

But then, the prodigal son arrived in Berlin and this was a perfect occasion not only to visit our former exchange student PJ, but also to introduce TD to Union and the joyous world of German football and football fans.

Away Game in Braunschweig

This was my 4th Union game and the first time I ever travelled as a fan to an away game. As the season has now finished, the meaning of the game has passed, but as the third-last game in the season against a direct competitor for promotion, this was a BIG game for Union.

#FCUnion dominiert die 1. Halbzeit, kassiert aber ein Scheisstor. #ebsfcu #auswärtsspiel

A post shared by Julian Dierkes (@jbdierkes) on May 8, 2017 at 12:03pm PDT

Obviously, the match was totally sold out. Fortunately, I managed to snag two tickets that looked like they were located right next to the away fans. As it turned out, those two seats were right in the middle of the wheelchair-bound Union fans who were enjoying a special focus from the club as #eiserntrotzthandicap.

And what a great chance that was. We were sitting in a regular section, but because all of the wheelchair-bound Union fans were surrounding us, it was basically an away section.

And, sure enough, the comment of the evening, came from a disgruntled Braunschweig fan who sat behind us. About 20 min into the match, there was a break in the Union chants. She says, “Finally, they are quiet.” Seconds later, the chants start back up again!

Der Moment = der eine Moment!

And so, we got to sing through a game, TD got to learn all kinds of Union chants and we were thoroughly impressed with the Union fans, obviously, but also with the experience of being an away fan.


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