There is so much… high culture music

Berlin offers so much in terms of high culture. Sometimes I feel like one billboard in the subway advertises more classical concerts than Vancouver sees in a whole year. And, not only is there so much culture, but it ranges from the world class (we saw Zubin Mehta conduct the Berlin Philharmonic), to the plain beautiful (including many concerts in many churches), from the expensive (although even the operas and Philharmonic are bargains compared to N American prices), to the very affordable (even free), from the traditional to the more experimental. Wow!

Then there’s the museums…

But, it’s not only the high culture itself, but the venues as well. I’ve always loved the Hans Scharoun Philharmonic for its majestic modernism on the outside, but its equally majestic inside with its many balconies and acoustics that make every seat a good seat (at least for these lay ears).

The Konzerthaus is architecturally very different, obviously, with its Schinkel classicism. But Schinkel is the Berlin architect, after all, and the whole setting at the Gendarmenmarkt is magnificent.

Now, there’s a new venue, the Frank Gehry-desiged (and thus with a Canadian connection), Pierre-Boulez-Saal which we’ll see in May.

While I’m really enjoying the groundhopping around Berlin, concert-hall-hopping should also be a thing!



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