Craft Beer

Beer has featured before on this blog.

Recently, when I was buying coffee beans at was has become my favourite roaster, Tres Cabezas, I gave in to temptation and stopped in at a craft brewery in the über-hipster neighbourhood around Boxhagener Platz, Boxi.

Since arriving in Berlin, I don’t think I’ve had a Canadian-style craft beer. Because local beer is tasty (duh!), I haven’t really missed the flavours of IPAs, etc. That’s probably my loss as so many “craft breweries” have sprung up around Berlin. While coffee roasting seems to be in firm Australian hands, taste leadership in the craft brewing world seems to reside with North America. I do think it’s ironic that North American flavours are thus in favour even though they have gained in popularity in North America in part because the local beers are so awful. No such challenge here, but all markets like variety, I suppose, so craft beer has become popular in Germany and is very visible in Berlin.

Some of the craft beers show up in stores, but it seems that they are more focused on brew pubs.

In this case, the beer I tried was a blonde. It tasted good, just like a craft beer I would expect to enjoy in Vancouver. BUT, given that there is lots of local variety on offer, I don’t think I will be exploring further in this direction and instead look forward to some good Vancouver beers again later this year.

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