Riding to the End of the Line: Bernau

I have already written about why I’ve been wanting to ride some of the downtown S-Bahn lines to their terminus.

Next up, the S2 to Bernau, North-Northeast of the city.


Unlike our trip to Strausberg, however, Bernau seems much less remote.

The route from downtown goes through Pankow, a part of Berlin that was known to us as West Berlin kids mainly from the famous “Bolle” song, but that none of us ever visited, because there was nothing in particular to visit there on our rare forays to the East.

The ride through Pankow led me to plan another return visit to these parts, as the environs of the S-Bahn station showed lots of pretty old buildings and lively streets.

The first outside of Berlin is Röntgental. Yes, it is named for Wilhelm Röntgen, discoverer of x-rays.

Bernau as a terminus has a whole lot more people getting off the train. It is also its own little town, other than being a sleeper community for Berlin.


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