Okay, have I mentioned that beer in Berlin is delicious and CHEAP?

Generally, I like everyone else, buy beer in a 20-bottle case here. You buy the whole case and return it for a deposit with the empties. Each brewery has its own case, but you can also mix-and-match to some extent.

Partly out of Lokalpatriotism, I’m partial to Berliner Pilsener. Most other Germans would probably not identify Berlin as a particular beer region, except for summer’s Berliner Weisse, of course. Most beers in eastern Germany generally are Pils, neither as bitter as beers in the North, nor as spicy as they tend to be in the South. But good. The logo for Berliner Pilsener is also very nice with a bear carrying three glasses of beers. I don’t know if this is deliberate, but when you flip the logo upside down, the tray-plus-glasses almost look like a stylized Brandenburg Gate as well.

But here’s the kicker: the case of Berliner Pilsner can often be had on sale at <€10. That’s 20 half-litre bottles for $15. Given that this is actually good and enjoyable beer (unlike most of the cheap options available in North America), that price is amazing.

When I buy beer, I thus generally buy one case of Berliner, and one case of some other variety that I’ve never heard of.

Yes, the price and variety of beer have been a great part of the sabbatical here!

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