Learning on Vacation: Cards

During the winter vacation in Sweden, the girls gained some very practical real world skills, particularly 2:

  • enjoying the sauna
  • playing Skat and Doppelkopf

When I was a kid, we played lots of Skat. This is a three-person card game that is played pretty much all over Germany. Since it is a card game, it obviously is based on the luck of the draw, i.e. deal, but there are also more strategic aspects that make it an endlessly enjoyable game to play. I remember it as a game that was seemingly only played by men/boys, but fortunately those days are gone, so I taught the girls to play. They both have a knack for it!

Doppelkopf is the even more complicated version that is played with four people. This is a game that my school friend A. brought into our circle and as Gage came to know her more, was a game that we played a lot when we were university aged. It requires four players, so it’s more complicated to set up a group to play, but it it also more social somehow, in part because there are many “local” rules that give particular cards fanciful names. In fact, it was A’s husband Sc. who started making up new rules which G and I both remember fondly.

From what the girls have heard/seen in school, there is not that much Skat/Doppelkopf being played, but perhaps E will see some more on her class trip in June. If not… another sign of the end of civilization…


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