The Hi-Tech Dungerees

It used to be that members of the trades and lots of manual labourers wore a Blaumann, a dark blue overall.

wp-1485881146659.jpgNow, there’s some kind of weird panelled garment that seems to have replaced the Blaumann.

It’s not clear to me what the functional advantage of the panels is, and there are of the luminous colours that are so popular in dark Sweden. But these panelled work pants are very common.

Two hipster ironies in this context:

  • when we visited Milano, we dropped into the Carhartt store there and it was filled with Chinese tourists. Yes, Chinese shoppers in Milano at a Carhartt store.
  • our delightful retro-fashion store (source of the hat I’ve been wearing every day) carries a jeans brand called Blaumann.

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