Banning AirBnBs

I’ve noted previously, that some of the discussions about gentrification and the lack of affordable housing in Berlin resemble Vancouver discussions.

Among the discussions on these topics is a serious backlash against the sharing economy. Everyone agrees that AirBnB-type rentals are fine if people are renting out a spare room or their place when they go away on vacation themselves, but everyone also agrees that the conversion of “regular” apartments to vacation rental-only apartments is a bad thing as it removes apartments from the rental market.

Well, Berlin papers reported that since the commercial use of apartments (i.e. vacation-rental only) has been banned unless a license is obtained, over 1,000 such apartments have been made available for permanent rental again. Commentary noted that this is a small “success” for the rental market only, but I would note that it is at least a concerted effort to address this issue.

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