No Winter Coats?

Wow, what is with all the parkas with a fur-rimmed hood in Berlin?

Everyone is wearing them, certainly everyone between 12 and 22. Even the men. It’s out of control, really!

Lack of Winter Wear

I suspect that one of the reasons the fur-parka is ubiquitous is that many people suddenly had to buy winter wear. When the first cold hit Berlin, I was amazed to see that most people were wearing neither proper boots nor winter coats. Is it fast fashion or climate change, but Berliners under 50 didn’t seem to believe in winter boots or coats.

But then, in January, the parkas started showing up, and now they are everywhere!

But, there still seems to be less of a seasonal shift in attire in that many people are wearing regular shoes, and layering coats rather than wearing some version of a proper winter coat.

Also, there are many Canada Goose parkas running around town. Don’t know if that is a CETA success, perhaps, or just global fashions…


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