We’ve Moved

As planned, we’ve moved from downtown Halensee to the greener and more bourgeois Friedenau.

From streets named after Prussian city planners, agricultural reformers, historians, and yes! sociologists, to a whole area dedicated to the Rheingau in names.

From tarif A to zone B, but just outside the train circle line (for BVG aesthetes).

From very squeaky wooden floors to concrete.

And what a pleasure it is to move when apartments at both ends are furnished! Three drives back and forth with my parents car, and we’re all set.

After the stately Altbau (turn-of-the-century building) with its 3,50m ceilings, we’re now in a much more modern setting that seems very Bauhaus-inspired, appropriate after our (albeit disappointing) visit in Dessau recently.

We’re much closer to Ingm’s school now and commuting duties switch from Ingm to E.

We’re also just around the corner from one of my best high school friend’s family’s apartment. And from Rüdesheimer Platz which some reckon to be Berlin’s prettiest square.

We really liked our previous apartment and the neighbourhood, but now we’re looking forward to settle here for the remaining months.


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