There are so many… Kiosk

I’m a big fan of the Berlin Kiosk. It is a small store that carries newspapers, magazines, candy, cigarettes, some pop, maybe ice cream. And there are a lot of them.

In the newspaper (where else?) I recently read that there are more than 108,000 of these throughout Germany. There certainly is no shortage of these in Berlin, especially in the urban core.

There are two things I appreciate most about the Kiosk:

  • a surprisingly good selection of newspapers and magazines. When I buy my rotating selection of newspapers, I find these at the Kiosk around the corner, but could also find them at any Kiosk in Berlin.
  • a steady presence in the neighbourhood. Our Kiosk in Halensee accepts packages and deliveries for the whole neighbourhood (though this seems to be somewhat abused by delivery services, who don’t seem keen to walk up three flights of stairs), if a kid forgot their keys, I’m sure they would be known at our Kiosk and could hang out, and the owner is always up for a chat about specific papers, etc.



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