The Relaxation Beer on the Train

I’ve finally joined in.

On the way home from evening hockey practice on the subway and train, I couldn’t resist, bought myself a cold Berliner Pilsener and joined the crowds who enjoy a relaxed beer on the train. And they are crowds!

I’ve wondered for some time how many people drink on public transit. Obviously, that’s partly a function of how many people drink beer, but it goes beyond that.

Trains are all marked with signs pointing out that alcoholic drinks should not be consumed on the train. Hey, it’s Germany, of course there is a sign forbidding something!

But, no one seems to care. It’s young people, old people, men, women, more at night, but sometimes also in the morning. The train seems to be a good place to enjoy good beer.

The most common version seems to be the post-work beer which can be shared as I described.

I guess that’s the crowd I joined.

And, wow, it tasted delicious. Exhausted and thirsty from practice in an overheated gym, somewhat sore, is there better medicine than a cold beer? And why not slouch in your seat on the train, get comfortable and enjoy that beer?

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