Learning New Berlinerisch

I have to admit that I like the sound of Berlin dialect. I like funny expressions, and I like learning about new funny expressions. I have some favourite sources for new expressions, like 11Freunde. Movies are an obvious other good source. Tschick (with its Mongolian start) has re-introduced the term “Walachei” [the Romanian region of Wallachia] as a synonym for very far. Another Berlin version is jwd, pronounced jot weh deh, as an abbreviation for janz [written as ganz in high German] weit draussen.

Now, I have a new source for local expressions: my daughters attending German schools!

E has been teasing me for weeks with Tschüüüüßßßßß as an expression that is inserted into the middle of sentences. Usually it’s an informal “good bye”, something like “see you”, but here it seems to mean “get out”. But every time I try to employ it, I am told that it was wrong usage. Must be me being too desperate to use teens’ lingo, rather than local expressions.

[Liebe deutsch-sprachige Leser, empfehle “Das Neueste im Wortschatz der Zehnerjahre” zur Lektüre und zum Genuss!]


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