Struggling with English

No, this isn’t a post warning Canadian friends that they’ll hear me speak with a revived glorious German accent when we return (though that is also the case), this is about an unexpected school “struggle” for E, English class.

Obviously, E has been ambitious in school for some time, in terms of substance as well as its outward trappings, grades.

That ambition continues in her school here. 

One of her subjects is English, of course, but truthfully as a foreign language, a new experience for her since she learned German at home and French in immersion. So, she’s learning about all kind of features of the English language she had no idea about: participles, tenses, …

The scary part is that as a native speaker she’s expecting full marks on assignments and tests, but it’s not speaking or communicative ability that’s being tested often, it’s grammar. She’s very nervous that she’ll get a 2 on some test and will be very embarrassed.


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