P.S.: Milieuschutz Politics

Following the fall election in Berlin, the new government is forming in December. One of the more interesting appointments is Andrej Holm as deputy minister (Staatssekretär) for urban development.

His nomination initially made waves because he had signed up for the East German secret police as a young man just before the end of the GDR. Anyone who had spied on fellow East Germans is (still) banned from public office and that is still a relevant political question.

But following my earlier post on anti-gentrification policies, more interesting is that Holm is one of the most prominent anti-gentrification activists and academics.

He was nominated by the Linke. While policies slowing down or steeting gentrification in some way are difficult, it will be very interesting to watch whether Holm and the new staate government can be innovative in this area.

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