The Joys of a Repat with Family

Many of the over 50 posts here so far have been inspired by conversations with my family and those conversations have been a great joy of the sabbatical experience.

Obviously, I am somewhat of a serial re-pat, returning to Germany many times over the years and also taking a bit of Germany with me to Canada. My daughters had never really experienced Germany on an everyday basis, but just through brief visits during vacation that were focused on grandparents, visits, and holidays.

Now, as we’ve been living here, the girls have asked many questions about Berlin, about schools, about my childhood that have started wonderful and insightful (on their parts) conversations. Gage had previously lived in Germany, but she too shares in some of the wonder about how life in Berlin is organized. With a bit of luck, maybe we can persuade T to spend some more time with us next spring and he will add his own experiences to this mix.

It often feels that the little bit I have been able to do in passing language on to my kids, is now coming to life in their experiences here. Language is becoming much more meaningful as it is shared by the friends that they’re making here and by attending school. Stories are no longer just our stories about (life in) Germany but are becoming their stories as well.

Oh, what fun!




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