A Charming Legacy of Pre-War Housing Developments

I continue to explore housing developments around town with some curiosity. One of the most visible elements of developments in Vancouver is their names. Generally, these names range from the inane to the tackily-faux-English. Sadly, the same holds for contemporary developments in Berlin.

However, there once was a time, perhaps a Golden Age, of development naming and this is reflected in names for the stations on some of the suburban trains.

Take the S1 as an example. It has a sometimes terminus at Frohnau, one of the most northern corners of the old West Berlin. The district was created in 1908-10. Note the name, though. “froh” = happy, “au” a meadow. Nice!

Other stations on the S1:

  • Waidmannslust, 1875, “hunter’s delight”
  • Wilhelmsruh, late 19th century, possibly named by William I as “William’s repose”
  • Schönholz, 1791, “pretty wood”
  • Gesundbrunnen, spa in the late 19th century, “healthy well”, named for a mineral spring in the area



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