[Note that this is post #50 on this blog!]

In Vancouver, I get my hair and beard cut at a simple barber on Broadway. But finding a place that shaves is not that easy. By contrast, there are lots of shaving opportunities in Berlin, in part because barbers appear to be that much more common in the Turkish-German community.

My most recent barber visit was interesting for a number of reasons.

There was no German spoken, other than clipped questions to me. This made me wish that I at least understood some Turkish, a wish that the recent trip to Kyrgyzstan also confirmed, but not an obvious wish to follow up on as a Vancouver resident.

I was served black tea which was a nice touch.

There was an apprentice who spent a lot of time cleaning combs and other tools of the trade before one of the older men cut my hair.

The most exciting part of the shave was probably that it was finished off with a candle that burned any remaining hairs on my cheek off! Yes, it felt a little like I was being crème-brûlée-d.

At the end of the shave, I had to lean over forward over a sink, get my head and my face washed (yes, very much like an ice hockey-face wash, though there was shampoo or soap involved). And I walked out for €20 (incl. tip) which seems entirely reasonable.


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