Sociologists in Public

When was the last time you read a quote by someone identified as a sociologist in a Canadian publication (other than a sociology journal)?

Well, German media cite sociologists all the time and as such!

So, not only is Kracauer Square near our apartment named after a prominent sociologist (as identified on the small sign that adorns some German street names for explanation, he lived around the corner until 1933), the Frankfurt School Siegfried Kracauer, but my profession is somewhat respected as a source of expertise in Germany.

Writers and journalists who are trying to understand the various populist, xenophobic movements like the AfD and Pegida, thus are either sociologist or cite sociologists.

In an interview about a book about fashion written by a aesthetics professor, she is gently asked why we should listen to her on a subject that “belongs” to sociologists and art historians.

I like it!

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