Reading New Germany

One of the more exotic options I’ve put on my newspaper rotation is Neues Deutschland. It feels pretty peculiar to buy this at a newsstand. After all this was the Pravda of Germany, the official organ of the Socialist Unity Party.

In some ways I find it even peculiar that it still exists as a paper.

Wire Services

Clearly, they subscribe to the standard news agencies just like everyone else does, but a number of articles are also signed by in-house journalists (I would guess).

It doesn’t seem that the news that is covered in “nd” is particularly different from other papers. I haven’t noticed stories that aren’t reported in the other papers, but given the prominence of wire stories in the paper, that is perhaps not surprising.

An Ideological Orientation?

Ideologically, the paper is a bit peculiar as well. For example, when a Syrian terror suspect committed suicide in his cell, this was portrayed as a failure of the justice system with language that is somewhat reminiscent of class struggle. Presumably, in this case, the justice system is seen as some kind of agent of a ruling class or the bourgeoisie (though that term is not used). Yet, the same issue also wrote about the plight of Berlin police officers from a union point of view, i.e. not enough pay, benefits, etc.

A union perspective was quite prevalent overall and much more prevalent than in other papers (though I did not compare them side-by-side).


Perhaps the ads marks the paper as most different from other publications. Where else do you find an ad celebrating “solidarity with socialist Cuba”? The last page also often has smaller ads from organizations/movements that seem to have a very particular GDR slant.

26 Years of the League of Antifascists in Treptow

Society for Legal and Humanitarian Support

Just a few days after the mushy speeches on Oct 3 2016, the 26th anniversary of the Anschluss of the GDR to the capitalist FRG, it’s clear that: […]

Union of the Unemployed Germany

Association for the Documentation of GDR-Daily Life


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