Introducing Vancouverisms to Berlin Transit

Yes, yet another post about the BVG, Berlin public transit. I’ve already noted that bus drivers seem so much more diverse now then they did when I was a kid. I’ve also mentioned the “Weil wir Dich lieben” ad campaign which focuses on how public transit shows its love for passengers.

Well, we’re trying to reciprocate that love by introducing one of our favourite Vancouverism in behaviour, greeting bus drivers.

I’ve nodded at several of them and have received some nods back. Early morning rides to school also offer the opportunity of entering the bus as a first/only passenger. In that situation a “Guten Morgen!” might even be reciprocated by a bus driver.

Next step: one of these days we’ll yell “Danke” as we step off the bus. One of us might have to stay on the bus to observe the reaction, we’ll see.


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