Lake Stechlin

At the end of Fall break, we set out to visit Lake Stechlin which Ingm’s school is named after.

The name “Stechlin” is well-known primarily as the title of a book by Th Fontante. I think of Fontane as the Berlin-regional Jane Austen as he writes about the trials and tribulations of the Prussian landed gentry. “The Stechlin” is one of those books.

I’m not entirely sure why the school is named after it, but we figured, we might as well visit it, since it’s only 1h or so out of town.

It turned out to be a really beautiful area with Fall foliage, some gentle rolling hills, asparagus fields, and beautiful forests.

The towns around the lake definitely have a vacation/weekend-visitor vibe, but are very nicely-appointed with lots of interesting signage and some authentic historical meaning as the area has some swamps/wetlands (rapidly disappearing in Germany as elsewhere), but was also the source of many of the bricks that built Berlin.

Also, some gems like this small church:

Or this slightly more stately home said to be the real world setting for fictionalized Fontane events:

Here, Ingm is posing on the lake. The lake itself is famous for being the deepest lake in the state of Brandenburg, but also poor in nutrients and thus “crystal clear”. And yes, thus the divers over Ingm’s shoulder.


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