There Are Not So Many… Starbucks

I thought that Starbucks had become a very global phenomenon, and so it has. The brand is very present in (metropolitan) Japan and also China, so I had expected to see many branches in Berlin.

Far from it.

Yes, Starbucks sure exist, but I’ve seen a handful, not dozens.

It’s not that there is a locally dominant chain either. The number of branches of Einstein Coffee (grown out of one of West Berlin’s most well-known coffee houses, I think) seems to be about the same as Starbucks and I haven’t seen any of the chains I know from Canada or Asia.

There are plenty of hipster coffee roasters, including one that Gage and I visited where the barista was unable to talk about his coffee varieties in German (Aussie English instead). There are also plenty of cafes. But somehow, not so many chains. How nice!


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  1. Kate says:

    Hurray!!! Maybe we’ll need to add the export of the much-celebrated Aussie baristas to this blurb on the DFAT website?

    “Major Australian goods exports to Germany are gold coins, precious metal ores and concentrates, coal and pharmaceutical products.”


    1. jdierkes says:

      Though in the end, I didn’t love the Aussie-recommended beans so much and they seemed to gum up my grinder…


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