There Are So Many… Cargo Bikes

… and so many different kinds too.

Since I’ve decided to be a dedicated public transit user for the year, it’s not entirely clear to me what the bike routes look like, by they appear to be good enough that many people have decided that a dedicated cargo bike makes sense.

The dominant demographic seems to be young parents who are ferrying various numbers if children around. Their bikes go all the way from two-seaters to build minibuses sitting six kindergartners.

There are the kinds that have a two-wheeled front with a large, wrap-around handle bar. There are others where the cargo area is built into the centre or the rear of the bike.

Some of them have dedicated passenger space with seat belts while others have more of a bucket set up.

I don’t see too many of them parked by schools, so it would seem as if parents are either riding on to somewhere else from dropping children off, or are riding back home and parking the cargo bikes there.

Postal Bikes

The fanciest bikes around are clearly those used by the postal service. Those bikes are tricked out! They often have large baskets on the front, panniers of some kind on the back and some of them have a detachable trailer that the mail carrier can use on its own. They have a large central stand. Some of them seem to be power assisted. The private postal carrier (pin-something, that wear green rather than postal yellow) also have fancy cargo bikes.


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