Neighbourhood Market

I recently went on my first trip to the neighbourhood market. It meets on a church square about a 15min walk away twice a week in the mornings.

It’s a mix of local farming products and lots of other things, including bread, meats and cheese, the items I mainly went for.

I especially like the personal touch that lots of market sellers add to the purchase, simply because they know their products (I imagine in part because they tend to specialize), but also because there’s a culture of banter and communication that is partly market tradition, partly Berlin habitus. This suits me very well.

Among the more exotic finds are a stand with French saucisson. Some of the standards I will definitely explore, but I couldn’t resist donkey salami!

Em is our child that is keen on apples. She has her favourites in Vancouver too, but they’re fairly standard varieties and some of the rarer breeds that are really only available at the UBC Botanical Garden apple festival show up on market stands here, locally grown. I’ve been buying different varieties with Em and they all have been very good so far (obviously, they’re in season, too). At the market I found a stand that sells local apples (from Werder) and varieties I hadn’t heard of, Rosenapfel, Juliette and Hasenkopf. Maybe Em can blog about these as well.


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