Sunday’s Sundae: Triple Eis 

The next ice cream we tried was close to my grandparents in Tegel. We where just on our way back from the city and where in urgent need of some refreshment. We went to the market to get cheese, bread, meat and fruit and ended up coming across an ice cream parlour. The scoops here where 1,00€. We ordered one sorbet: lemon. This sorbet was a little more like an ice cream than a sorbet. Meaning it wasn’t as icy and refreshing. We all agreed that it was a little too creamy. However the flavour was good and it did its job! 

Later on we where out looking for bathing suits and saw  ice cream  stand and thought we would have a taste.  Since the mall was air conditioned it was less about the coldness and more about delicious flavour. This store charges 1,40€ per scoop. When we first tried it we noticed that it was very Limey and also very refreshing. Also very yummy!

The next ice cream parlour was one that we discovered on our way back to our grandparents house. It’s called “scoops do” (, which we all found very funny! The lemon I ordered here had some interesting qualities. Although it tasted very good it had an issue with texture, which we found to be consistent among sorbets. The ice cream left an after texture that was a little sticky.  Other than that the ice cream was very tasty! Ingmarie tried the chocolate as well and that was very good, so I believe the texture is mainly an issue with the sorbets. Oh and I forgot to mention; the ice cream cost 1,00€ per scoop. 

Out of all three I would recommend  “Scoopy Doo”, because of the chocolate and other ice cream flavours.

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