Sunday’s Sundae: Ku’Damm 

When I first found out that we where going to go to Germany for a year, I couldn’t wait to discover all the amazing food. First on my list was to find the best ice cream in Berlin. I decided to give each of the cafes a fighting chance by picking out one flavour: Lemon. I can’t wait to start tasting! 

The first ice cream we eat was on our first day in the city on Ku’Damm. It was a very warm day and we where looking for some sweet relief. We ended up finding an ice cream stand in a big square. I was glad that the flavour I had picked from the beginning, lemon, was very refreshing, because the heat was overwhelming. The ice cream cost 2€ per scoop, and it was excellent! It had a very refreshing almost icy textur, and the flavour only added to the expirience, it wasn’t too sweet or too sour. As I realized latter on lemon sorbet can sometime become too sweet and not highlight the naturally thirst quenching qualities of lemons. However this sorbet was wonderful! My dad had the creama, which was also very tasty, and Ing had the chocolate gelato, which was also delicious. Overall we where very happy, and enjoyed our ice cream a lot!


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