A View and a Triangle Park

Obviously, the view at our house in Vancouver was amazing.

But look, our view in Berlin is not so bad.

This is the view from our balcony.

We look out over a small park and as the trees are still fully-leafed, there’s not that much else to see, but a view on greenery is certainly terrific given our central downtown location.

Triangle Parks

I don’t think that triangular parks are very common in most cities. In N America this is unlikely given the grid that most cities are laid out in, but even in more irregular European cities, triangles are not a common shape.

Curiously, we lived around the corner from a triangle park in Vancouver and now we look out over a triangle here in Berlin!

The View

What do we see? Beyond the park, across the street, we will (once trees lose leaves) see the S-Bahn/train tracks. That means that we can see far on the one hand, but once the leafy sound barrier disappears, we’ll also hear the trains.


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