The Prodigal Fox Returns

As I mentioned in an earlier post, one of my goals in Berlin was to play hockey with my old club, the Reinickendorfer Füchse which are now known as the Füchse Berlin.

After I managed to connect with the club, I went to a training session on Tuesday night.

What a blast from the past/#throwbacktuesday. The training grounds are still in the same spot. The biggest difference is that a subway line has been extended to reach the grounds now. Of course, there’s turf rather than grass, but other than that, it all looked pretty much the same as before.

Look who’s back to old stomping grounds after nearly 30 years. The grass pitch I played on through my boyhood and youth (now turf). Great to be back playing with the Reinickendorf Füchse. #fieldhockey #throwbacktuesday

A photo posted by Julian Dierkes (@jbdierkes) on Sep 6, 2016 at 1:47pm PDT

Even more surprising/startling was that the subway exit deposited me right in front of the Verkehrskindergarten I had visited several times during elementary school. A traffic kindergarten is a miniature cityscape where school classes practice participating in traffic under the supervision of policy officers. There are opportunities to graduate from pedestrian to bicyclists and ultimately to (go-cart) driver, but only if all traffic laws are observed. If I recall, we went as a class once a year for years 1-4 or so. It’s still there and it still operates as a Verkehrskindergarten! Wow!

Foxy Hockey

Practice was great. It looks like I’ll be playing with the second men’s team and it looks to be comparable to the D Hawks I’ve been playing with for some years now, though fewer youth players.

Practice could have been strenuous as it is jointly with the first team who are somewhat ambitious after moving up a league, but the second team crowd mostly drifted aside during some drills.

I did remember two other players and as we chatted more names popped up.

First game will be this Sunday, we’ll see what happens.

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